YungSpikeLee: “South Central”


“Round here, n*gga ain’t no restin. Even Granny gotta pack a weapon. Look out for all my brethren, N*gga f*ck you and your reverend. See, the Lord gave me all my blessings.”

Detroit (7 Mile) native, YungSpikeLee finally delivers his debut single, “South Central.” The 313 native currently resides in South Central LA and takes listeners on a journey of his life in his new environment. Finishing the final touches of his self-titled EP – dropping in May – YungSpikeLee shows some promise with this introductory release.

It’s easy to wade in the shallow end when you’re rapping over a Trap beat. However, YungSpikeLee manages to delve deep into real-life issues – painting vivid pictures of life in South Central with his words. Take a listen to “South Central” produced by Nelson Davis below.

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