The.WAV Podcast is a collective of creatives from Washington Heights (NYC) sharing their views, talents and music through their own platform.

L-R: Gregory Stutzer, Cardi, Vivienne Kelly, Badi.

The.WAV’s Badi contacted me via social media about a week ago and asked if I could be a guest on their podcast. He seemed to have done his research as far as the work I’ve done in various fields. After doing research on who they (The.WAV) were, I was intrigued by their individual talents and interests as well. Listening to their various podcast episodes, the four members of The.WAV seem to have a genuine interest in all things creative, music-related and in the individuals who represent all of the above.

Each member of The.WAV brings a unique talent to the table and they are able to connect and share similar experiences with their guests. Last week, I visited their in-house studio in Washington Heights and enjoyed the conversation we had on-air. As someone who is usually the one asking all the questions, it was weird (but cool) to be in the “hot seat” for once. Make sure you check out their link below.