Originally posted on HipHopSince1987 by Maria Myraine.

The answer is: YUP.

As if his feud with Lil Yachty (over some model chick) wasn’t enough, Soulja Boy is back to being a menace. This time, he’s aiming at Migos rapper, Quavo. “Beef” finds Soulja Boy calling out Quavo on, well, A LOT of things. It’s petty but direct as heck. No subliminals – just straight diss after diss. After diss.

“Migos ain’t nothin’ but a b*tch. F*ck Quavo, you a ho*. I f*cked his b*tch, I guess he ain’t know.”

And to add to the controversy, Soulja Boy threw out some visuals as well. Just peep below!