Repping Vancover, Shad has a “Quick-witted tongue, on-point ear, and truly unique passion for Hip Hop,” as quoted by website, OkayPlayer. Many other blogs and website have nothing but good things to say about him and I see/hear why.

We quiet now, ain’t really a lot of rappers trying.”

Such is not the case with Shad, even though he spits this line on “Hang On” to make a point clear. Hip Hop has been “quiet” for some time now, especially for those in the forefront (who only seek industry approval and abide by their label’s wants and needs). I always gravitate towards rappers, whether new, old, unsigned, signed, or indie, who have depth in their lyrical content. If you’re going to use your talent, especially in music, use it to be expressively meaningful.

Not to say you can’t have a “ratchet” song here and there (because those have their time & place), but is content really too much to ask for nowadays?

I highly recommend Shad‘s “Boarding Pass (EP)” for ya ears.