Just the other day I was speaking to one of my friends about the state of R&B in 2017. While I appreciate its growth and expansion, I am still a “sucka” for “old school” R&B. My friend called me “old,” and my rebuttal was simply that “old school” has more soul. But I also had to make myself clear, and say that 90’s R&B is just my preference, but I do give new singers a chance.

It’s just.. at the end of the day, I like what I like.

So as I opened my e-mail inbox this evening, and saw a music submission from a singer named Sadé Emoni, I was intrigued to listen.

They can’t all be soul-less,” I said to myself.

And my intuition was right.

Ms. Emoni instantly grabbed my attention with the EP’s first record, “Lay Up,” produced by P Dub. The subtle sample laid under Emoni’s soft harmonies bled seamlessly into the opening verse. There, Emoni, sings about laying up with her man, despite all the other things she could be doing.

I could have a million things to do, and only do one. Making sure I’m right next to you is my main one. Always on my grind, but my baby got me caught up. Twelve hours passed with my baby, I can’t get enough.”

Despite the “clingy-ness” she implies in her lyrics, one can’t help but feel her genuine expression of love. Emoni’s angelic vocals can do no wrong. And she continues to reel you in, track after track.

She ends her EP on a more aggressive, upbeat tone on “Game Changer,” courtesy of producers, Rich Weirdo and A-M. “They call me CRAAAZ-AAY” Emoni belts out over the tantalizing drums. The record is about a love so strong that it, well, changes the game.

“We both committed. This what comes with it. Love ain’t no easy thing. And anybody tryna come in between, they gon have to deal with me.”

Another stand out record, that is a favorite of mine, is “Deep Down,” produced by Dave Drake. Talk about “baby makin’ music,” “Deep Down” will have you feeling some type of way – in a good way.

“This ain’t the usual, wanna get this feeling deep, deep down. I want you more than you know, and I’m willing to make it worth your while. I know I can be a tease, let me put your mind at ease.”

Overall, Sadé Emoni gives R&B hope, especially in an era – that I feel – has lost its depth.