Fashion is all about what inspires you and translating it into your own personal style. Up & coming streetwear brand, RDNMKS, does just that with their newest “Time is Ours” collection.

Inspired by the classic movie, The Warriors, from the late 1970s, RDNMKS transforms film into fashion.

Aside from being the favorite movie amongst the RDNMKS family, The Warriors represents various elements of streetwear fashion, as each gang that’s portrayed in the movie sports a different style. Drawing inspiration from each unique style and adding their own flare to it, RDNMKS created the collection, while also commemorating the store’s one year anniversary.

The brand’s designers were inspired by the visuals from the movie which resulted in different prints and graphics displayed on various material. Products range from elongated shirts made from a jersey material, and of course street wear staples such as crew necks and t-shirts. “Our brand is all about creating products for everyone and with such a timeless movie as the backdrop of our new collection, this collection is essentially timeless. Hence, the name of the collection.”

If you’re into innovative brands and looking to break in new trends, stop by the RDNMKS flagship boutique located in Bushwick:
1095 Flushing Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

You can also visit their website (online store coming soon): www.ReflectionDynamiks.com