Original Source: RapRehab.com “Need PR?”

Snippet from RapRehab.com:
Rap Rehab is the premier online destination for fresh, though-provoking coverage of the music industry, Hip Hop culture, current events and race. Founded by former BET executeve and media activist, Paul Porter, the site offers a mix of news, commentary, interviews and reviews designed to educate and empower readers. As an independent media outlet free from corporate influence, Rap Rehab is uniquely positioned to tackle topics others shy away from and express truths others are too afraid to utter.”

The last time Paul Porter featured me on his website, it was a collaborative effort with a former business affiliate of mine, as we were promoting our joint services. This time around, Paul Porter features my solo efforts as a budding Hip Hop publicist, journalist and media freelancer. Read my full write-up and interview in the link above & read some of the highlights below:

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Link: www.RapRehab.com