I recall my first musical encounter with the oh so soulful and jazzy group who are everything but what their name implies. Phony PPL give listeners the REALNESS through their captivating music. Back in 2010, I believe it was during the 2011 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival – as I worked with its curators, Brooklyn Bodega, at the time – that I heard the group for the first time. Before headliner, Q-Tip stole the show with his slew of special guests (Kanye West & Busta Rhymes, to name a couple), this band I never heard took to the stage.

I was initially intrigued by Phony PPL and did further research when I got home that day. Since then, I have been keeping tabs on their movements. Yesterday, apparently, they released a new song titled “Why iii Love The Moon.” It’s safe to say that they didn’t disappoint and shoot my high expectations down.

They maintain their jazzy and soulful blends while fusing Hip Hop elements effortlessly – and flawlessly, I might add. “Why iii Love The Moon” touches upon the subject of love.

Just be careful where you look for love.

Watch their video for “End of the Night” – as featured on PAPERMAG here.