Peebs The Prophet: Ills of the Earth EP – “Dead Calm” (prod. by Phoniks & BluntOne)


It’s the horns.

I fell in love with the horns. The opening sequence in “Dead Calm” permeates the Phoniks-produced single, off of Peebs The Prophet’s Ills of the Earth EP.” Once I heard the combination of drums and vinyl scratches, I fell head over heels. A bit dramatic, I know, because it’s “just” music but that’s what (good) music is supposed to do.

Peeps The Prophet’s collaborative effort with producer, Phoniks, on this EP was genius – and even that’s an understatement. While the EP is only 6 tracks deep, it serves its purpose sufficiently. While there are other gems on this project worth mentioning, such as “All Day” (which samples Nas‘ “Nas is Like“), this single is my personal favorite.

I’m a sucka for BOOM BAP, lyrics, smooth samples & melodies so “Ills of the Earth EP” wins in all the aforementioned categories.

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