Mark Steele: “All I Wanna Do” – #ForTheLove


Like New York City, North Carolina also breeds an abundance of talent. Hip Hop artist, Mark Steele, is amongst the pool of up-and-comers from the Tar Heel State. I connected with Steele on Twitter and discovered his music on his profile page. I’m always eager to hear new music, especially from undiscovered artists – sometimes you find the best music away from all the hype.

To my delight, his forthcoming album “Sumthin’ For The Wait,” which drops 11/4, has some standout tracks. The second single off the project, “All I Wanna Do,” is produced by Mike Bannon and premiered on AllHipHop. Now, anybody who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for heavy kicks and classic drum patterns that take me back to the 90s. This song did just that. It took me back to the Golden Era – and this is always a good thing.

When listening to new music from artists I’ve never heard of, I usually give them my :30 second rule. If I’m not bobbin’ my head and vibing to your song in the first thirty seconds after I press play, I’m more than likely not impressed. Sometimes I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt and fast forward to different parts of the song and see if I like what hear then, but this wasn’t the case with Steel’s single. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this 03:24 long tribute to why all he wants to do in life is music. I’m anxious to see what other heat he is packing on his project.

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