Red Giant: “Faint”


I don’t know too much about this new duo who go by the name Red Giant, but I do know one thing: They make pretty awesome music.

Derrick “Drop” Braxton and Foxanne are the two artists behind Red Giant. Hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, the two are slowly making a name for themselves with their Hip Hop infused music. While they probably wouldn’t consider themselves Hip Hop, the foundation of their songs seem to contain elements of that classic, boom bap grit sampled from the 90s. Foxanne’s vocals are soothing yet mysterious at the same time – a little eerie even. Their music is definitely something that one should be open to take in.

Isn’t that the point of good music anyways? To expand closed minds and ears. I look forward to seeing what these two have in store. Word is, they have a few collaborations with good friend, Silent Knight, in the works.

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