2010 was the year a close friend of mine and I started our first “lifestyle blog.” Our mutual interest in Hip Hop was the basis for our website. It was around this same time, in the Winter of 2010, that I discovered the scrawny, weed-toting, rapper, Wiz Khalifa. His “I Won’t Land” freestyle resonated with me most, due to the familiar Ski Beatz-produced “Luchini” instrumental he used.

I’m a different kind of fly, we ain’t on the same shit,” proclaimed WIz.

Four years later, I can’t help but think to myself: “Damn Wiz, you really ain’t on the same shit any more.” Since his emergence into the “mainstream” market, I’ve become less fond of Wiz Khalifa’s music. So today, after my routine morning Twitter fix, I came across a link to his new single featuring wrestler, John Cena. “All Day” will be featured on the W2K15 Soundtrack and to my surprise, Cena’s verse was quite impressive – I mean, I wasn’t expecting much from a WWE wrestler.

As far as Wiz Khalifa goes, his new track isn’t really anything, well.. new. His latest material are mundane in nature. It honestly sounds like he’s saying the same thing over and over again, on different beats – which lack in variety themselves. After “Black & Yellow,” I’ve grasped onto what was left of the Wiz Khalifa I was initially a fan of four years ago.

Maybe it’s time to let go?