It’s the best time of year. No, seriously. Family, friends, gifts, food, and basketball. Every year, the NBA has managed to schedule some prolific games on the 25th of December. This year is no different.

With five games on the schedule, the most exciting game, I’d have to say, is the match-up between the Cavaliers and the Heat. Why? Because Lebron James. Down to his old kingdom he goes and it’ll be interesting to see how he matches up with his old teammates on old, familiar turf.

Another game I’ll have my eyes on is the Thunder vs Spurs game. The West is looking mighty good this year and as a Spurs fan, the defending champs go up against the dwindling Thunder. Other notables to watch: Warriors vs Clippers and Lakers vs Bulls. As for a snoozer? The Wizards vs Knicks game at Noon will probably be one that’ll be okay to miss.


Classic: Bulls vs Knicks (1992) Christmas Day