Is a Nas “Street Dreams” Biopic In The Works?


Following the success of their recent New Edition documentary, BET has confirmed another biopic that’s “in the works” featuring none other than Queensbridge’s Finest, Nas. The biopic is reportedly titled “Street Dreams,” named after the iconic rapper’s 1996 hit single – now being deemed as a Hip Hop “classic.” According to some sources, “Street Dreams” is a visual documentation of Nas’ life – following him through his various stages of evolution. From being just another kid from Queens, to a young man who found himself dealing drugs, to discovering Hip Hop, and transforming into the rapper and adult we’ve all come to know.

Like their New Edition documentary, BET plans to release “Street Dreams” as a series, executive produced by Jonathan Levine, and Nas himself!

Stay tuned in for more updates and a confirmed release date!

Nas Street Dreams

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