You can’t go wrong with a Fedora, and even better when it’s in mixtape form. So when “The Fedora Tape” by D. Prince hit my inbox early this morning, there was no hesitation. I was curious to see what this was about. Is this guy just rapping about Fedoras? To my surprise, and a pleasant one at that, D. Prince delivered a strong first impression. His 7-track mixtape was jam-packed with bass-and-kick heavy drum sequences, samples and LYRICS. No, he wasn’t just rapping about Fedoras.

The level of class that’s associated with this style of hat is perfectly represented in the Frank Sinatra-sampled intro. “A flower’s not a flower if it’s wilted. A hat’s not a hat ’til it’s tilted.” A fitting transition into the second song of the mixtape, “Fedora on Tilt,” a boastful track that accurately portrays D. Prince’s level of comfort and confidence on the mic. Halfway through the tracklist, there’s no denying the mixtape’s cohesiveness. Showcasing his diverse lyrical ability, D. Prince throws in a freestyle over Jay-Z’s “Picasso,” meshing well with the Boom Bap driven production used throughout the tape.

As if I wasn’t impressed enough already by Track 05, D. Prince throws a familiar song that I was a stan for as a kid. Anyone who can spit over a Beck song gets an A+ in my book. “Loser” finds Prince rapping about the “loner life” over the guitar-driven sample. The proceeding track, “Corduroy Thoughts” is a far contrast from it’s predecessor as the emphasis is placed on the drums. The heavy kicks will have you feeling as though your headphones will pop. And it just might because the song will have you pressing “Repeat.”

Overall, D. Prince showcased his talents well on “The Fedora Tape.” His November release, “Black Sinatra” will undoubtedly be on my radar. Get familiar.