Ambro: “Don’t Fake The Funk”


Mike Ambroise, also know by his artist name, Ambro, is a Boston-by-way-of-Miami MC who I met over the Summer. Impressed by his lyrical jargon, his stage presence and love for Boston sports, it was natural for us to connect and become friends – being the Hip Hop head and Boston sports fan that I am. Getting to know Ambro, I also got to delve deeper into his music. The kid can spit.

In 2008, Ambro discovered his knack for rapping after experimenting with rhymes in his first MC competition, hosted by Clinton Sparks. To his surprise, he placed second, amongst sixteen contestants and the experience gave him the confidence boost he needed. Since then, Ambro has been recording and releasing music, performing in shows throughout New England and New York.

His latest release, “Something For Everybody” is currently available as a USB/Wristband containing 5 singles (represented by each hand on the cover art). “Don’t Fake The Funk” is a single off the project that Ambro recently shot a video for. Enjoy the visuals and bask in the horns infused, boom bap sounds that accompany it.

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