It’s always shocking, even after 20 years, the impact that the song has on people.” – Montell Jordan

The 90’s was a decade full of, well.. GOOD MUSIC.

Good music, however you’d like to define it, transcends generations. So it’s no surprise how Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it” still reigns supreme as one of those “That’s my jam!” type of songs.

This month, the 90’s party song turned 20 years old. And yes, you are getting old if you remember this when it first came out. Recognizing the momentous occasion, Pepsi stepped up to the plate. Recruiting Montell Jordan for their annual “Hyped for Halftime” campaign, 46 year old Montell performed the song for a crowd at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Listen & watch the original below.

Also, listen to my homies, Shinobi Ninja, rock
one of my favorite covers.