Mobb Deep’s “The Infamous” Turns 20.


The Infamous was the second studio album by Mobb Deep. Loud Records put the Queens Rap duo on the Hip Hop map when they released their second studio album twenty years ago. The impact it has made throughout the years is simply undeniable.

Beyond its commercial success, “The Infamous” embodied what Hip Hop was and still is – or what’s left of it. Havoc and Prodigy infused all sixteen tracks with lyricism that shed light on the gritty lifestyle the two were exposed to in their Queensbridge neighborhood. While many in Hip Hop were already painting similar visuals, Mobb Deep did so with precise lyricism over nightmarish soundscapes. The album’s dark and gritty sound was NY Hip Hop realism at its finest. The raw nature of “The Infamous” won Hip Hop stans and critics, alike.

Over these twenty years, many return to this album and recognize it as an important contribution to the culture. It’s been widely regarded as an influential album that further elevated New York Hip Hop.

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