Looks like Migos are clapping back at Joe Budden, and the entire Everyday Struggle cast. The group is preparing to unleash their diss track, “Ice Tray” with a video to match. Quavo decided to give a preview of what the video looks like. Apparently, Migos hired some look-a-likes of Budden, Academics and Nadeska with a sign that reads “Old Rappers Struggling” in the background.

Oh boy.

This from the Migos video that’s coming lol

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On the record, Quavo raps: “Ice tray on n**gas, flooded. If a n*gga hating’ call him Joe Budden. Coupe outside and it’s press-button. Had that n**ga mad cos your b**ch f**kin.”

Not sure what kind of response Migos wanted but Joey kept it simple. Peep below.