women in hip hop


Queen Latifah‘s Grammy Award winning single, released back in 1994, still holds a lot of weight in today’s world of Hip Hop. Latifah’s intent was to speak out against the disrespect of women in society – especially within the realm of Hip Hop. To think, years later, people still need to be reminded of her message.

As a woman in Hip Hop, the challenges and hurdles we face differ significantly from our male counterparts. Maria Myraine’s industry colleague, Niyah Nelson, wrote a must-read article titled, “Women in Hip Hop: The Levels of Respect.” In the article, Nelson speaks on recent comments and “clown moves” made by Rick Ross. She shares a couple of examples of when “the boss” crossed the line.

“I like Rozay. I LOVE Rozay, actually. Simply based on the fact that he’s the illest example of what a boss looks like today, in my opinion. BUT, I’m super offended by his comments that were made in his latest Breakfast Club interview in regards to signing a female artist to MMG, and the way he came at Angela Yee a few times.”

To close out her article, Nelson gave a shoutout to some of her women peers in the game; including Maria Myraine.

“Shoutout to Erin A. Simon, Sav Britt, Ka$h, E’Tiffany Jones, My-My, Miixtape Chiick, Julie, Save, DJ Dirty Di, and all of the other many talented women of the game that have inspired me thus far in my career. These women walk in a room with such a poise that could even intimidate a man. It’s levels.

Handle your business with style and grace, ladies. A man will indeed respect a woman whose respecting herself. I’d like to cap this piece with one of my favorite Queen Latifah joints, just because it relates, in essence.”