Interview conducted by Michael Stover.

Author’s Note: I just got back from A3C a couple weeks and something I noticed and put together while I was out there, is the media rarely covers the incredible accomplishments & work women have been putting into hip-hop since its inception. I’ve always wanted to put forth more of an effort covering women and this is only the beginning of it.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Maria Myraine and truthfully it’s been a long time coming. Writer, Publicist, Model, Maria wears a number of different hats and dominates in her respective platforms while also helping perspective artists properly promote themselves. In this interview we talk about her diverse career and she drops some keys for the up and coming artists.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who somehow still don’t know introduce us to Maria Myraine.

Maria Myraine: Maria Myraine is first, and foremost, a proud Filipina who came to this country at the age of 4. Everything that has transpired in my life – the good & bad – has molded me into the woman I am today. Resilient, passionate, and fiercely determined. I try to keep the definition of who I am as open ended as possible because I am constantly evolving but these three aforementioned traits will always be at the core. ​

DEHH: This question is honestly out of my own curiosity, but you wear a ton of different hats, how are you able to step into all these areas without losing your mind?

MM: To be perfectly honest, I have my moments, but I’m human. It happens. For the most part, however, I’ve learned the power of meditation and prayer. Gotta let out that “WOOOSAHH” when necessary (lol). In all seriousness though, being in the NOW and focusing on your breathing keeps me sane when my phone is blowing up, email notifications and to-do lists are never-ending.

DEHH: Out of everything you do what’s your favorite profession out of everything you do?

MM: Oh geesh. Don’t make me choose! haha. I love everything I do. I’m a firm believer in that saying “do what you love, love what do.” Because anything else is just a waste of time, energy and skill(s). But if I HAD to choose, I’d have to say my PR/Publicity work, and my work as a journalist because I’m able to help push the culture forward.

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