LL Cool J Stops by The Combat Jack Show


Reggie Osse, better known as Combat Jack, is popular host of Hip Hop podcast, The Combat Jack Show. His experiences as a Hip Hop music attorney, executive, managing editor of The Source and Complex TV host have well-equipped him to take his the podcast to unforeseen heights.

Dedicating his show to discussions on Hip Hop and interviews with some of Hip Hop’s finest, the podcast has seen steady growth in popularity across a diverse audience. Whether you’re an old school head or a Millennial who just got introduced to Hip Hop, you’ll enjoy the game’s politics, stories and insights exchanged between Combat Jack and his guests.

The latest episode featured an interview with Hip Hop veteran, LL COOL J. Mr. Cool J himself gave listeners a look into his personal life, how he studied his craft with rap pioneers, industry stories and more, this episode is a must-listen.

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