Decisions, decisions.

You’re allowed just one link on your social media profile, so which one do you choose? Do you link to your Twitter feed, or your Facbook fan page? Or maybe you want to direct followers to your Pinterest boards? And the list goes on. With Linkkle, you can avoid this dilemma! How does it work, you ask? The answer is as simple as the tool. Your single link – called a “linkkle” – points to a link hub where up to ten of your links are hosted.

Ofcourse, if you have your own website – whether it’s a personal blog, brand, or company site w/ your own domain – you could just link to the page on your site that houses all your links. But for those of you who don’t, Linkkle is your best bet when it comes to condensing all your links into one.

At the moment, Linkkle is simply a utility; a tool that makes digital life easier for social media buffs. What it will become depends on the demand for more premium features, and if it truly serves its purpose – by making it easier to showcase one’s social media accounts.