JohnNY U. – #4daFree


That Black dollar, is Black power.

Brooklyn upstart, JohnNY U, has always been vocal in his lyrics about subject matters that, well.. matter. On “#4daFree,” JohnNY speaks on police brutality as he repeats, “No justice, no peace. f*ck racist police!” He continues to speak his mind throughout the song, painting visuals with his vivid lyrics. While some might find some of the things he raps as “controversial,” I, for one, think it serves Hip Hop’s purpose. In its early stages, Hip Hop was utilized as a means of artistic expression to shed light on issues that mattered to the people. While some found a way to profit from it, and mold Hip Hop to their liking for financial gain, its roots remain true. And it’s evident in artists like JohnNY U.

What I also appreciate about the song is that it switches gears, production-wise, and transitions into what sounds like another song towards the end. This also further demonstrates JohnNY U’s versatility as a rapper.

Twitter: @JohnNY_UniteUs

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