Last night, I was able to attend the screening for, “All Eyez On Me;” hosted by Sway. Today, the Tupac biopic hit theaters and as predicted, everybody is dropping their two cents – via Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, etc. One celebrity, in particular, took to Twitter to voice a rather personal opinion. Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith, as most know, was a very close friend of Tupac Shakur. The two met while attending the Baltimore School for the Arts during the mid-80’s, and bonded quickly, developing a close friendship.

As you can imagine, Hollywood had to overdramatize – as they usually do – the relationship between Tupac and Jada in the biopic. While Jada did celebrate Kat Graham, and Demetrius Shipp Jr. for their acting, and told them that this was not their fault, Mrs. Smith unleashed a series of Tweets stating her dissatisfaction of their portrayal.

Now, as a devout Tupac fan since I was old enough to understand what Hip Hop was (about 1996 – when the “All Eyez on Me” album dropped), the movie didn’t show anything us fans hadn’t known already. Was that slightly disappointing? Yes, but director, Benny Boom, did a great job with the cinematography and storytelling of key highlights in Pac’s life and career.

Actress, Danai Gurira, who played Tupac’s mom – Afeni Shakur – put on a great performance as well. There were moments you could feel the tension between mother and son, but the unconquerable love they have for each other as well. Aside from the – often times hilarious – voice dubbing of Snoop Dogg’s character in the movie, the main people involved put on a convincing performance.

Regardless, everyone will have their opinions. So to that I say, go watch the movie for yourself and formulate your own thoughts.

@realsway with the intro at this Tupac #AllEyezOnMe Screening

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