I always manage to discover “diamonds in the rough” on the World Wide Web of Hip Hop music. Sure, I appreciate what’s playing on the radio and what all the major blogs are posting, but sometimes you gotta venture out on your own to seek GOOD music YOU like – not just what’s being forced into your eardrums.

Such is the case for all the music I share on my website, and same holds true with ILLCLINTON. I don’t recall what I was searching or doing on SoundCloud that brought me to their page but I’m glad I made it there.

While there isn’t a lot of information on who this duo is, aside from being ATL natives, who go by the names of Brennan and Blake Belair. Both produce while Brennan raps as well; as stated in their SoundCloud bio.

Considering they are self-producing artists, I commend them for infusing their beats with varying elements. Versatility is something the two don’t fall short of. Their flows remind me of a young OutKast and they’ve got their dynamics down to the tee; riding the beat to perfection

Curious to hear what else this duo will offer in the new year.