Born & raised in the Philippines, there’s no denying the country & culture that raised me. I’ve been a U.S. citizen for 23 years now, since my move to the states in 1991 at the ripe age of four. Sure, I’ve become “Americanized” to a certain degree but I have never steered away from my heritage, or people.

So to my delight, being the basketball fanatic that I am, recent news broke out about Lewis Alfred “LA” Tenorio. A young Filipino basketball player who spent years in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association). NBA team, Houston Rockets, announced that they recently signed Tenorio to w 2-year non-guaranteed contract – with a 3rd year player option.

Evola, the veteran Rockets scout said that he had his eye on Tenorio now and it was only a matter of time. With his signing, he is the first PURE FILIPINO to play in the NBA, or any other major North American professional sports organization. Replacing fellow Asian, Jeremy Lin, Tenorio brings a 11.29 PPG and 4.38 APG offering to the table – which is better than their current point guard’s stats, Patrick Beverly, which mean he has a likely chance of starting.

As stated in my “NBA 2014-2015 Season Predictions,” this season shall definitely be an interesting one.

Source: The Philippine Pride