Written by: Yours Truly
For: The Cuffington Post

Ladies, in the midst of cutting your pre-season roster down to at least your “starting 5,” there are things to keep in mind. As a female, we get a little stubborn sometimes and we have moments where we tend to NOT listen to our friends. “No girl, do NOT talk to him. He’s crazy!” Yeah, we’ve heard this before. But how many of us really pay our “homegirl” any mind? I mean, she could just be hatin’ or cockblocking, right?

Don’t jump to that conclusion so swiftly. If she’s really your friend, she could be onto something. Maybe she knows something you don’t know. Maybe she has better judgement on exactly which guys you should be avoiding. I mean, if you’re going to “cuff” someone this season, don’t get stuck with a psycho, lame, ego-maniac, etc. Your friend could mean well. And if none of your so-called friends have put in their 2 cents just yet, let me be that friend for you. Here’s a list of guys you should avoid. And fellas, if you’re offended, I’m not sorry at all.

1) The “Rapper”
I put this one in quotations because who isn’t a rapper nowadays? The local indie rapper in your city that you know is probably not “the one.” Unless you don’t mind the fact that most of his attention will be centered on his “music” instead of your needs, then go for it. Let’s also take into consideration that if he’s a GOOD LOOKING “rapper,” he most likely has fans. And by “fans,” I mean female groupies. Do you really want to deal with that? These “rapper” guys also tend to have an ego that’s bigger than their you-know-what and like to talk that talk – to you and every other girl they meet.

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