I spoke briefly with MC Lyte after the recent release of her new song/video featuring Lil Mama, “Ball.”

While the conversation was brief, the veteran MC shed light on a couple topics I discussed with her. Eleven years since her last album’s release, MC Lyte spoke on her growth, changes on the industry, female empowerment and her new project.

On her recent performance with Queen Latifah and Brandy in the 2014 BET Awards.
It was AWESOME. It was 20 years in the making. We rocked the house and it was VERY NECESSARY!

On the segregation of women in the industry.

The label does that. Even back in my day, they were doing that. The industry has their own idea of what the image of a female rapper should be. And today, they like to mold them into what that image is. For us, as females, it’s about gender equality. We have to take care of one another. It’s necessary. We can’t let them separate us.

On who she is listening to nowadays.

One of the new artists I’m listening to these days is Kendrick Lamar. His newest song, “i” speaks volumes. He always brings real content to light in his music.