As premiered on 2DopeBoyz.

Fresh off dropping his Ghetto Olympics project at the end of January, Brooklyn native Dyme-A-Duzin keeps the releases coming with a video for his new song, “Corner Boyz,” premiered on the DopeHouse today.

The video starts with maternal advice: “Donovan, don’t you be messin’ with those boys on that corner.” Seconds later, though, Duzin takes the point-of-view of his mother at the start of the song making it seem as if he ignored the advice he just got.

Why you fuckin’ with the boys on the corner,” he gets asked before the video shifts to the goings-on of the corners in his Crown Heights neighborhood. Resorting to the activities in the streets isn’t a life he envisioned for himself, but it’s a systemic and societal problem that pushed Duzin that way. He gave his own reasoning: “Poppa and Momma separated, having problems with my paper, I’m going through some things, it’s a trip.”

Directed by Eli Salcedo.