Some say the art of the freestyle is dead – and along with that, the appreciation for rap battles has become non-existent. As a fan of Hip Hop CULTURE, I vouch for myself when I say “Rap battles will always hold a special place in my heart.”

A battle rapper is a different kind of specie. And a rap battle is its own spectacular.

Despite the lack of coverage in the mainstream, rap battles still happen. And there are people who are still amazed by them. While not too many battle rappers can make a successful transition into being a Hip Hop ARTIST, there are artists who are probably more than capable of touching mics in the “ring.” So what happens when these two worlds collide? We just might find out.

Drake vs. Murda Mook, who is a highly respected battle rapper, has been a hyped up battle that the fans want to see. It’s been all talk thus far. But if it actually goes down, it could potentially be the biggest battle in recent years.

The Backstory:
Drake approached Murda Mook in a club, challenging him to a battle. Of course, it never manifested. In February, it seemed like it would actually happen but Drake backed out at the last minute. This past Saturday, however, when asked about the battle with Mook, Drake replied: “He’s gotta beat Surf first, before he gets to me.”

Is he all talk? Or will the two rappers rumble on the mic soon?

Peep the video below.

"You gotta beat Surf 1st b4 you get to me" -Drake #NOME5 @champagnepapi

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