DJ EFN: “Power” Ft. Sa – Roc, Masta Ace, Thirstin Howl III, Umar Bin Hassan (of The Last Poets)


The goal for my debut was to feature a combination of pioners/legends ad current new spitters as well as up-and-coming Miami emcees.

DJ EFN‘s debut album, “Another Time,” was released earlier this month and doesn’t fall short of what the DJ/Producer initially stated.

His new single, “Power,” flaunts a line-up that consists of Masta Ace, Thirstin Howl III and Sa-Roc; all holding their own, of course. The dynamics of the track are provided by the emcees, as each bring their own mixture of relaxed and aggressive flows over the kickdrum heavy production by Nomadic Trackz.

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