Dave East

Dave East delivers a new visual today, in the form of a 10-minute short film, for his “The Hated” single. The film follows the story of Anthony and Corey, two childhood friends who get caught up in the street life. Anthony “Ant Live” has been cold-blooded ever since he saw his friend die when they were kids. Ten years later, he is still affected by his death which results in him being paranoid and reckless – a dangerous mix. Corey is his right-hand man, and together, they started to hustle in the streets, making money together. Everything seemed good until Anthony gets sent to Rikers.

Corey,” on “Paranoia 2,” is actually the prequel to “The Hated.” Watch the story unfold in below.

Nas: “They hated Esco. They hated Escobar.”

Dave: “They hated Jesus, hated Malcolm, hated Martin. Hated n**gas living in two bedroom apartments. No lights up in the crib, I guess I came up out the darkness.”

The Hated by Dave East & Nas on VEVO.