Billy B VIBE Magazine

As written by Darryl Robertson for VIBE.com

“I’ve had my fair share of trauma and super aggressive behavior during my stint in the streets, so I understand aggression. And I’ve become desensitize to it. Now, I’m not condoning any gangsta shit, but I’m cut from that cloth, so I get it. But that’s another story. East New York’s Billy B has put her gritty touch on Cassanova’s underworld banger, “Set Tripping.”

Here, the grimy MC tapped her fellow Crip comrades OGMARLYNMONROLLUP, Banga Loc, and Gino Mondana for some sooty hip-hop that’ll get the club and blocks rowdy.

The unfiltered visuals finds Billy and her shotgun riders posted inside a dilapidated trap spot spitting venom for the camera.

“Big Billy Blasting/Know that I’m about that action/Nigga try to check me, I’m letting a nigga have it/Blue flag, gripped-up, you know that I keep that ‘matic,” raps the BK native.

If you’re not already, get familiar with Bill B by visiting her SoundCloud page and check out the video.”