Chase Murphy – Dope Deala [Prod. by Frio]


As you can imagine, my inbox is filled with music submissions. While some are “good” – as far as quality goes – very few really hold my attention for a song’s entirety. While the artist didn’t send me too much information about himself – aside from being a Boston native – a recent submission I received spoke for itself. The Frio produced single, “Dope Deala,” by Chase Murphy opens up with a slightly eerie sample of someone whistling that lingers in the background – very reminiscent of that infamous Kill Bill whistle. But as the beat drops, Chase delivers an effortless flow as he raps about a woman of interest – among other things.

“Act like a nympho, freakin’ with me all day. She’s a 7 out of 10, but I treat her like Beyonce.”

Overall, Murphy’s relaxed approach to his music is quite entertaining. He paints vivid pictures with his lyrics that compliment whatever production he chooses to unleash his creativity on. Definitely curious to hear what more he offers this Summer.

Thanks for the submission @ChaseChowder!

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