Apologies are cool and all, but we’re not just going to act like what you did was actually disrespectful af, Mr. Cam Newton.

Earlier this evening, the Carolina Panthers quarterback apologized for his sexist remarks towards female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue (of The Charlotte Observer). Rodrigue, a regular who covers the Panthers for the Observer, had asked Newtown about the skill needed to run pass routes by one his wide receivers. Newton is then seen smirking and replying, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routs. it’s funny.”

Side eye at the repeat for emphasis.

One of Newtown’s sponsors, Oiko yogurt, wasn’t having it – at all – and canceled the sponsorship deal they had with him. The NFL seemed to have the same reaction as other sportswriters, both men and women, and called his remarks, “plain wrong and disrespectful.”

Watch Newton’s apology below. Is it enough?