Azealia Banks Signs With RZA’s Record Label


Originally posted on HipHopSince1987 by Maria Myraine.

Harlem and Shaolin connect as news of Azealia Banks signing with RZA’s record label has surfaced! The MC from Uptown was quick to share the news on her Facebook page: “I’m FINALLY getting a record deal :). I’m signing with RZA. he and I have an excellent work chemistry. Filming “Coco” with him was loads of fun!! Now I get to make music with him!! Business and Pleasure is imminent.” As for the movie, “Coco,” has no release date as of yet, but was the starting point for RZA and Azealia’s business relationship.

*Additional Note*

Thanks to my older brother, my childhood consisted of Wutang Clan albums, Rap battles and (trying to) breakdance. Our (shared) room was literally a shrine to the most epic and legendary Hip Hop group EVER. I know what RZA is capable of, musically. He’s a genius. While I’ve never been much of an Azealia Banks fan, I’m curious to hear what her new album will sound like – with the guidance of RZA.

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