Written by Nicole Queen.

The year is 2017 and by now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the expression “He/She has no home training!” Am I right, or nah? Well, what if I told you that most music professionals have said this about an aspiring artist, or two. Everyone wants to be a rapper, but most haven’t learned their 101’s about the industry. Unbeknownst, to many of them trying to come into the game, there are a list of “commandments” that should be followed. Especially if you’re looking to shoot your shot with a DJ, blogger, music executive, etc.

To better assist you, I will lay out the holy grail of things that many of you artists do that hold you back. And wastes the time of many music professionals.

1. If you do not have a budget, BE HONEST. DO not scream “let’s work” but your funds do not add up


2. (with that being said) STOP WASTING MONEY! SAVE & INVEST IN YOURSELF! If you can “floss” on the ‘Gram, you should starting stunting on your career. Pay for quality production, audio engineering, publicity, a website, etc. 

3. If you do not know how to be professional via email, or with industry personnel, let someone else take on that role, hire a PR professional who does. (after all, you have been saving! and this would be an investment

4. Social media accounts should NOT, I repeat should NOT be private.

5. Never ignore your fans/followers! Become familiar with your them, retweet some of their posts, comment, etc. You never know when you may need them to retweet or repost something of yours.

6. STOP posting your music on websites without protection, think I’m trolling? There is a list of people who have taken L’s by not protecting their music, don’t be one of them.

7. Stop letting your ego tell you that you don’t need any more fans (just because your homies “have your back”). Build your fanbase; follow people on social media outlets. Interact with them. Network at events, shows, etc. 

8. Don’t fall behind. I cannot stress proper (updated) information enough. If a record executive was trying to get in touch with you, find out more about you, listen to your music, etc. – your contact information, music links, everything should be up current. 

9. No slacking! PROFESSIONALISM is key. Please, stop letting your home boy or girl spam the living life out of people’s timelines – INSTANT unfollow! Remember manners when meeting people. Don’t overshare personal stuff on your artist profile(s), etc. 

10. Last but not least, as music professionals, we do not owe you ANYTHING! So stop thinking that we do! 

Source: This Is Platinum Hip Hop