Originally posted on DUNK360 by Maria Myraine.

No, not a personal ad.

Safe to say Anthony Davis is NOT a Craigslist creeper! According to the actual ad he posted “about 14 hours ago,” it looks as though Davis is looking to hire a personal assistant in New Orleans. Underneath his photo, Davis states, “Looking for someone to help me out so I can focus on getting ready for the season.” He then continues to list what the job’s duties would entail.

Anthony Davis craigslist
See original ad here.

At first glance you might assume that it’s just a joke or prank that he’s pulling on his fans but Davis took it even further and shared the Craigslist ad link on his official Facebook page.

As you can see, the duties are what you would expect a personal assistant to manage; especially for a basketball player. I’m surprised to not see ”Write my DMs for me,” considering he once admitted that his DM game was “not popping.” Out of all the “requirements,” however, why do they have to be 6’5 or taller though, Davis? The icing on the cake is the line where he states: “unibrow or heavy eyebrow a plus, please send photos.” Is he looking for his personal assistant to act as his stunt double as well?! Who knows! But given Davis’ history with injuries, maybe having an assistant isn’t such a bad idea. Currently, Davis will be on the sidelines for “10-14 days” as he recovers from an ankle sprain. So, I guess the ad makes sense from that standpoint. But if it’s just a prank, he sure is going to crush a lot of people’s hopes of landing this “dream job.”

There are currently 343,829 people living in New Orleans in 2016, and I can only imagine how many of that 340K+ are basketball fans, let alone actually watch the Pelicans play. Or would even want the job. While no salary information was given and Davis left it open for negotiation, his email inbox must be flooded right now with resumes and cover letters.