Is Ameriie back? Did she also add an extra “i” in her name?

Amerie was was always one of my favorite (formerly) “new” R&B singers to come out in the 2000’s. Hard to believe her hit single, “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” came out 13 years ago. That song still knocks!

What I love about Ameriie is her authentic sound. I’ve always loved the R&B’s from the 90’s; I was the biggest Mary J. Blige fan! Not to discredit the R&B of today, if we can even call it “R&B” anymore, but there just isn’t enough soul infused into the music any more – with the exception a few artists. Even Beyonce is becoming a little too sugar-coated for my liking.

I was always hoping for a comeback from Ameriie, as other Asian/Black mixed breed singers, like Jhene Aiko and Cassie, have entered the mainstream. Jhene and Cassie make entertaining music to say the least but I hoped for more. So when I heard of this new single, “Out Loud,” I was quite ecstatic.

The song opens up with heavy drums, as it leads into Ameriie’s first verse – her voice oh-so refreshing, I might add. Her ad-libs remain characteristic of the sound she honed years ago. Her vocal range seems to have aged like wine, fine at best. And the best part, she hasn’t strayed away from her original lyrical content. Keeping the single “clean” and free of anything that is “ratchet.”